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Zoos Are Tweeting Amazon-Like Reviews Of Their Animals And It’s Awesome

Who doesn’t love a good tweet? As of March 9, zoos and aquariums began tweeting hilarious reviews of their animals as if they were Amazon products using the hashtag #rateaspecies. The cleverness here is just incredible,  it’s no wonder these went viral!

The Oregon Zoo started it all with a tweet about an otter, crediting him for being “sturdy built, totally winter-ready and waterproof”:

The Oregon Zoo then gave four stars and similarly high praise to a “stylish” owl for his A+ “sound quality”:


The zoo followed up with more tweet reviews. Behold, a newly-born penguin whose “craftsmanship seems good”:

Meet this tiny turtle who “came with [a] super cute case” and “retractable accessories”:

All of these creatures received four stars, which tells me that perhaps the Oregon Zoo is a bit stingy with the elusive fifth star!

This hashtag was too fun not to participate in. So the Monterey Bay Aquarium joined with a jellyfish review, claiming the long-tentacled invertebrates are “so soothing, lowers your heart rate instantly”:

In addition to the Oregon Zoo, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, California Academy of Sciences, scientists, museums and even animal fan clubs got in on the fun!

It’s an understatement to say that the #rateaspecies hashtag will keep you entertained for hours as you look at cute animal pics, such as this echidna:


The best parts were the jokes, like this one about an albino alligator:


Or this monkey with the “highest possible rating, no thumbs up!” Ah, we love a good primate joke:

You can tell that everyone had a ball writing these tweets:

These #rateaspecies reviews are filled with hilarious commentary on all your favorite animals, from the cute and cuddly to the bizarre and dangerous. What would your #rateaspecies rating be? Let us know in the comments!

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