Watch How Easy It Is To Turn A Can Of Condensed Milk Into Homemade Caramel

This is the easiest way to make caramel—and just in time for your holiday baking!

Caramel is a staple when it comes to cooking desserts, and if you’re going to be whipping up a ton of goodies, whether it be for the holidays, a bake sale, or even just for fun, you’ll want to have loads of the sweet stuff on hand. Buying store bought caramel is always an option, but if you prefer to make your own food at home, especially if you want to avoid all those synthetic ingredients, you’ll want an easy and quick way to make canned caramel at home. Plus, who wouldn’t want to save a couple bucks?

All you need is sweetened condensed milk—one for each can of caramel you need to make—and a big, deep pot of hot water. First, remove the label, stick the cans in the pot, making sure they’re completely covered with water and bring it to a simmer.

It’s important to make sure the cans don’t open while in the pot, as they could possibly explode. Then you just sit back and relax and let everything simmer for three hours. Be sure to check the pot regularly to make sure everything is still covered.

Once the cans are done cooking, let them cool overnight, or for at least 6-8 hours. When you’re ready to start baking, just open the can, and voila—you’ve got yourself some ready-made caramel! Since caramel is just technically heated sugars, usually with some butter or milk added to it, this cooking-in-a-can works perfectly. Sweetened condensed milk is just sugar and milk, after all.

This trick can be a great money saver, as you can use any kind of sweetened condensed milk, even the cheapest kind. Plus, you can prepare as many cans as you want at the same time—as long as there’s room in the pot, of course.

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on turning a can of sweetened condensed milk into caramel.

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