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Watch What Happens When This Baby Hears For the First Time

Watch What Happens When This Baby Hears

For the First Time


Whether you believe in them or not, miracles exist. Some people believe that miracles are divine intervention, while others would class modern medical advances are little miracles. Whatever you believe, a child getting to hear for the first time is nothing short of a true miracle.

This little girl can finally hear after being born deaf. Her parents Mia and Mark took this little girl to the Carel Du Toit Centre to have a hearing device fitted. The center talked to her parents and News 24 about the process. She can’t talk yet, and tell her parents how wonderful it is to hear, but it’s obvious just how happy she is to do something as simple as hearing her own voice. There is no better feeling in the world than being able to clearly hear the voice of a loved one. Unfortunately for many people, they are unable to feel this emotion as they could be hard of hearing, like Mia and Mark’s daughter once was. Deciding to have a look at the best hearing amplifiers that are available to hearing-impaired people could be the device that you are looking for to be able to hear all the noises in the world. Follow in the footsteps of this little girl and get your own hearing device fitted.

Watch the video below and your heart will melt when you see how she responds to the sound of her mother’s voice for the first time. She has the cutest smile. The reaction is similar to the one from the video of the little boy listening to his mother’s voice for the first time. There is definitely power behind the voice of a mother. Just the sound of it is layered with love.

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