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Mom Gets Fed Up and Films Viral Rant Against Standardized Testing

Everyone hates test. Tests have always been a necessary evil in the school system and have been for decades now. It made a lot of sense in the old days though. Teachers did their best to give you the information and knowledge you needed to get through life using their own skills, knowledge, and experience.

A teacher would then put together a test using the information they had taught you. Because the teacher you had was the one putting the test together you knew that as long as you were paying attention in class you would have all the answers.

Sixty years later and the standardized testing system is damaged beyond belief. Teachers are always amazing people but now they’re being forced to rein in their passion and love for teaching and learning. A teacher was free to teach the things they wanted, how they wanted, and teachers would succeed if their teacher was good enough. These days teachers are forced to abandon their syllabus and follow a standardized method of learning that is so bad even teachers don’t understand it at times.

The people putting these rules together haven’t stepped foot into a classroom since their own school days. After having to put up with this system for years a proud mother from North Carolina called Leigh Thomas Brown has put together the best rant the internet has seen on the subject. She speaks out of passion and uses common sense on the issue. Really she’s so passionate she should consider running for office. Perhaps children wouldn’t be so scared their teachers are going to get fired if she did.

Please WATCH this amazing viral video and SHARE it with your friends if you, much like Leigh, believe that children are more than just an answer on a test.

Warning; Leigh uses language that is not safe for work and may offend some viewers

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