Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home

There are rarely enough hours in a day and we don’t usually want to spend any of them cleaning our homes which is why we hire commercial cleaning companies like, let’s be honest. Still, ignoring the chore buildup is oh-so-tempting and often our chosen course of action (oops).

But, once we find ourselves in a pinch for time–maybe friends, family, a significant other’s coming–we’d rather kick ourselves than speed clean, but we know that’s what needs to happen.

So, in order to perfect your “10-minute-tidy” skills, check out these 20 tricks to encourage and quicken easy cleaning…and no one will ever know!

1. The catch-all kit.

Decide what cleaning products are essential to you and keep them on hand in your own personalized cleaning kit (such fun!). You might even want to bring in some more powerful equipment like a Bissell vacuum cleaner found here –

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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2. Before you start cleaning, put on some music.

Make a playlist beforehand, listen to the radio, put on your fave CD/record/cassette, anything. Whatever it is, as long as you love it, it’s going to make the next 18 things easier!

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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3. The Walk-Through.

Quickly go through each room in your home picking up or straightening any items that are out of place. Put them into a basket, box, drawer etc., that will remain out of sight until your guests leave (after that you can put everything back where it belongs!).

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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4. Next up, dishes.

After the walk-through, get this out of the way. Everybody hates doing dishes (or loading the washer), but you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner everything feels immediately once numbers 3 and 4 are done!

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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5. Now move on to surfaces.

This is an absolute must. Use cleaning wipes to clean kitchen and bathroom counters, tiles, fixtures and anything else that may get noticed. You can then run over the floors of each room with a steamer floor cleaner to make them shine.

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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6. It’s DIY time: Rubbing alcohol

There are tons of different things you have around your house that can stand in as surface cleaners. One unexpected lifesaver being rubbing alcohol.

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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7. Another: White vinegar and lemon juice (doesn’t even need to be freshly pressed).

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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8. And who’da thought: vodka works as a surface cleaner too (but we understand if you want to keep that in your glass while cleaning).

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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9. Also, if you do take the vodka route…

…you can shine kitchen, bathroom, and light fixtures while you’re at it. Don’t worry about the smell, it dissipates quickly and you can even add some essential oils for additional air-freshening benefits. Perhaps lavender, patchouli, peppermint, wild orange, whatever you like!

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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10. In the bathroom now…

…also make sure to switch the towels, you know, so they look fluffy and smell pretty. If you feel ambitious, make some DIY linen spray to keep on hand (added bonus from the essential oils in number 8).

20 Tricks To Speed-Clean Your Home
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