This Mom Was Busted by Grocery Store Security For Something You Probably Do

Mom of three Zoë Lowdon was doing some quick shopping in a Waitrose store in the UK when she spotted some good deals on champagne and whisky and decided to snap a pic to show her husband.

I’ve done it. Hell I do it all the time. It may be my “mom brain” that causes me to forget things. Could be my age. Could simply be that I’m forgetful. I take pictures of things ALL THE TIME. If I see something I like, my kids would like or an idea for a project that I want to work on later I snap a quick pic. I’m so deep into my “pics for later” habit that I’ve gotten my kids to do it. If I don’t have my phone I get on of the kids to snap a pic and message it to me. I’d like to say I was surprised when I read Zoe’s Facebook post but I wasn’t. Years ago I was in a Nine West store around Christmas time. I saw an adorable pair of heels I wanted and thought to take a picture of them to send to my hunny for a “gift idea”. No sooner had I taken the photo a sales associate rushed over to me and asked what I was doing. I didn’t think anything of it and simply said, “I love these shoes. Gotta get a picture of them”. “You can’t do that!” Ummm excuse me? She proceeded to tell me Nine West designs were “proprietary” and I was not allowed to take photos. Obviously I called bullsh*t. “So let me get this straight, as long as they are on your shelf I cannot take a picture? What if I buy them then take the picture? Is that allowed?”. Left her with a *I have no idea how to respond to that* look on her face and never went back.

Luckily Zoe has the power of Facebook to get her point across.



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