The Heartbreaking Stories of 15+ Male Sexual Assault Survivors

Typically if you were to hear the words “sexual assault” survivors, you would find yourself imagining a female victim. The story is hardly ever as black and white as this though. As evidenced by the powerful photography series we have to show you today.

The pictures were taken as part of Project Unbreakable. A website Grace Brown set up in 2011. Grace was a New York photography student who wanted to raise awareness of sexual assault and provide victims with a voice. These pictures are of the victims of sexual assault, holding up posters containing quotes from their attackers. A lot of the people who volunteered to join the project were male victims of sexual, child, and domestic abuse. It doesn’t just happen to females, many females will also pin it on content like Crazy XXX videos from fulltube are here and other sexual content sites, but in reality it’s due to mentally ill individuals.

Project Unbreakable website was shut down in 2015. Grace recently decided to repost some of the images from the Unbreakable project on the Instagram account of the project, in light of how a man who was accused of sexual assault multiple times now sits in the White House as President of the United States. Grace refuses to be silent for anyone, and the Project Unbreakable pictures speak for themselves.

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