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Surgeon “MacGyvered” A Makeshift Nebulizer On Plane And Saves Toddler From Asthma Attack

More than 3 hours into a flight from Spain to New York City, a child suffered an asthma attack and his parents had left his medicine in their checked bag.

Fortunately, a doctor was on board and created a make shift nebulizer.

The moment Dr. Khurshid Guru heard the 2-year-old child crying and short of breath, the quick-thinking physician came to the rescue armed only with a plastic water bottle, a cup, some tape and an adult inhaler.

Guru was concerned the crying toddler was too young to understand how to use the adult inhaler that requires the patient to breathe and hold in the medication. So, he came up with a jerry-rigged device similar to a nebulizer.

Within about half an hour and two treatments, the child was sounding much better and began playing with his mother, according to ABC News.

Guru said he hopes the story serves as a reminder to parents of asthmatic children to always keep their vital medication nearby.

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