School Sparks Outrage With 21-Page Prom Dress Code

Girls are not allowed to wear dresses with cut-outs. Nor are they allowed silhouettes that could be considered to be “excessively tight”.


They can also not get away with wearing a shawl or a sweater to cover up an “unacceptable” dress.


One of the lines that caused the most outrage was the line that said “Some girls may wear the same dress but due to body types, one dress may be acceptable while the other is not”.


Boylan President Amy Ott defended the dress code, saying that it’s hardly new. The code was originally developed two years through a committee team of students and teachers. The committee based the rules of the dress code on dress codes from other Catholic schools in America.


Ott said that some of the students were confused by the guidelines, which is why the dress committee decided to include pictures in the guidelines to better showcase them.

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