Samuel Adams Introduces ‘HeliYUM’, A New Beer Infused With Helium

Two Germans One Beer: A Tale of Helium and Two April Fools

By Senior Staff Blogger Brad Johnson


Recently a video has been going around the interwebs showing a couple of young German gents, Alex and Ralf on their video podcast Die BierProbierer cracking open and sipping a light pilsner looking beer from what kind of looks like a Samuel Adams bottle, but they don’t show enough of the label to really tell.


What’s really happening here?

First of all it is a play on a 2014 Samuel Adams April Fool’s Day prank, Jim had some fun with us and was introducing the new HeliYum Helium infused beer.

(Sam Adams Helium Prank Video Below)

Samuel Adams Introduces ‘HeliYUM’, A New Beer Infused With Helium

Samuel Adams hops in on the April Fools’ Day fun by introducing ‘HeliYUM’, an extreme new beer infused with Helium. HeliYUM is ‘a truly remarkable brew that has an incredibly light mouth feel, a brilliant clarity, and allows the other ingredients to really shine through’.

Source: Most Watched Today and iheartbeer



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