Post Mortem Photography Of The Victorian Era

This Post Mortem Photography Of The Victorian Era Is Just Terrifying!

With the passage of time, a drastic change in the society, rituals, customs and traditions is observed. But, the historical pictures are the legacy that connects us with the past. Victorian Era photographers tried to capture the picture in such a way that those who have died might look alive. For us, photographs are meant to be the memories of happy times but death pictures, I do not think if anyone will click the sad times. These photos of dead people have totally shocked me and left an unanswered question, why Victorians used to practice weird customs of taking pictures of their dead relatives? We undoubtedly respect their emotions behind this, and so we can not give our opinions about it. This may be good for them but for us it’s odd.

1. Contrary to being creepy, these death photographs were meant to serve as mementos of the deceased loved one.

2. Because of that, many photographers tried to make their subjects look alive.

3. Photographers employed a variety of tricks to make their subjects look more life-like.

4. One of the most common ways they did this was posing people with their favorite things (like this man in a chair with his dogs).

5. Or this girl here with her toys.

Or this girl here with her toys.


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