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These 24 Pictures are the Definition of “Trashy”

Some people have their own weird tastes and ways of doing things, but as the old saying goes, “each to their own”.

You’ll find people doing weird and strange things every time you go outside and it’s great when these moments are captured and everyone gets to see them. Whether it’s a t-shirt dedicated to the kind of ‘adult’ art you’d expect to find on, or wearing jeans with a hole on the butt, some people are remarkably comfortable with themselves. Or is it just “trashy”?

Here are 24 pictures that show how strange and cringe-worthy people are:

  1. The living, breathing, porn magazine:

  1. This trashy shirt that couldn’t be any less classy if it tried

  1. We get we should let people do what they want but this is really unflattering

  1. Here’s a loud and clear trashy message

  1. Pardon me ma’am, but your butt is escaping your pants

  1. Who said there’s anything wrong with a morning drink?

  1. This tattoo may be accurate but that doesn’t mean it isn’t trashy

  1. This is dumb but hopefully they learned from their mistake

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