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People Can’t Get Enough of This “Emoji Snake”

Even though many people love spending time with animals; snakes would hardly be one of them. It’s easy enough to understand why though; snakes are hardly as fun and cuddly as dogs, they aren’t the singers that birds are, and they aren’t going to sit in your lap and purr like a cat.


With all that said though, there is one snake out there that could be just as good as all those pets and more! This snake belongs to Justin Kobylka and it’s a lavender albino piebald ball python. She received the name “Dreamsicle” by Justin because of how much she looks like the popular Creamsicle ice cream.

Did we mention that she’s covered in smiley face emojis?

Normally people would use this emoji when describe how they feel about snakes;


But we think that this is the emoji that people will make when they meet Dreamsicle.


What makes this snake so great? Well see for yourself!


This is about as close to being cute that a snake can get. It’s actually not all that unusual for a piebald python to develop faces on their scales, but it is very rare for the faces to be this well-formed.


Show off this smiley snake to your friends and family!

What do you think?

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