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Man Dressed As Elsa frees a Boston police wagon stuck in the snow. Bar patrons go crazy.

A man dressed as Elsa from the movie “Frozen” ran out of a bar Tuesday night to help a Boston police truck stuck in the snow left by a storm that hit the region.

As bar patrons watched, Elsa pushes the wagon, then hikes up his gown to get a better angle, a video shows. He directs the wagon backward and forward and even bends down to clear snow away from a tire with his hands.

Christopher Haynes, a restaurant publicist, was at The Gallows bar Tuesday evening during the snowstorm. In the packed bar, he saw a man he knew walk in wearing an Elsa costume.

“My neighborhood is a little colorful, so I didn’t think too much of it,” Haynes said. “Two minutes later I saw Elsa outside. You can’t make this stuff up.”

He decided to take a video of the heroic feat.

Bar patrons whoop and holler for Elsa, identified by the Boston Globe as Jason Triplett, 37, a lawyer who told the Globe he bought the costume last year and wore it to the bar as a gag.

In the video, patrons scream “Come on, Elsa!” and “Let him go!” as they chuckle in disbelief.

And they cheer wildly when the truck drives away. Elsa takes a dramatic curtsy.

On social media, the other bar patrons were criticized for not going out to help. Haynes said they were too stunned.

“I feel a little guilty we didn’t help push,” Haynes said. “But Elsa had it taken care of, clearly.”

If you are ever in a situation like this and Queen Elsa isn’t there to ‘let you go’, then check out this article on All Car Leasing about how to get out of the snow if you ever become stuck. Be safe out there guys and always make sure you take on any professional advice you can get.

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