Were Kids From The 70’s and 80’s Tougher Than Kids Today? We’d Say So.

Here Are 20 Reasons Why

While us 70’s and  80’s kids were growing up, we were told by our parents how much tougher they were and how we had it too easy. Well it’s happening again, but it’s us saying that about the new, safer, “PC”, cloud floating generation of kids today. Check out these 20 examples that prove how tough we were versus today’s kids and let us know if you agree.


1. Adult supervision wasn’t needed for every game we played.

2. Families often drove across state lines to get Fireworks. It wasn’t just fun, it was encouraged.

3. Getting a cast was a badge of honor. Kids lined up on your first day back to school just to sign it.

4. Burning your legs on the hot metal and spinning on the merry go round until you flew off wasn’t “dangerous” it was normal Summer fun.

5. Gathering all your friends and riding in the back of your dads truck was a treat. And legal.

6. “Learning to drive” on your parents lap with no seat-belts was a thing to brag about.

7. We played outside without being under the constant eye of an adult.

8. We were ” Coppertone Babies” and it was fun to peel our skin.

What do you think?

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