How Would you React if you Got One of These 15+ Farewell Cakes on Your Last Day In the Office?

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It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone, but it gets particularly hard when you’re being left in a bad job and watching others leave. Sometimes it’s difficult to really express how you feel with words, but you can do it with the perfect custom designed cake. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering what to put on your farewell cake!

We’ve found some of the most creative farewell cakes created. We’re sure your co-workers will love them!


#1 Jake left us for a new job, and we wanted to make a creative cake


#2 My friend was moving to Bing.com, so I got him a google cake for his last day. Congratulations traitor!


#3 This is the perfect cake for a last day at the vets


#4 I left my job and all I got is this cake


#5 Seriously though, why?


#6 I got this cake for my last day with my current job


#7 A co-worker got a better job so we got him this cake


#8 I got this awesome cake when I changed teams at work

#9 A going away cake for a co-worker


#10 I’m the Office Grouch, and so my co-workers made the ideal cake for my last day


#11 I got laid off and my friends put together the best going away cake


#12 What’s your name again?


#13 I made this cake myself for some of my favorite co-workers


#14 This cake is horror-ific


#15 A farewell cake for the IT boss


#16 Leaving for China


#17 The cake I got on my last day!


#18 A special cake from my husband to commemorate my last day on the job


#19 A Batman themed cake for the co-worker on the way out


#20 Our co-worker left us to take care of monkeys in South Africa. We think this cake expressed our feelings well

#21 My friend used this cake to quit her job


#22 Saying goodbye with curves

#23 A special message


#24 This farewell cake was given to my mother-in-law when she moved on to a better job


#25 I got this going-away present when I quit my job


#26 Congrats?


#27 See you around

#28 My co-worker gave me this cake on my last day


#29 Sorry not sorry


#30 This is one way to say goodbye to a valuable “ass-et”


#31 We gave our grumpy boss this farewell cake


#32 Error!


#33 This is the cake I got on my last day at work


#34 How your co-workers let you know you’re appreciated


#35 Having mixed feelings about leaving


#36 Retirement cake


#37 Laura’s Farewell Cake


#38 Game Over?


#39 You’re Fired!


#40 I have the best co-workers

#41 Congratulations are in order


#42 You’re about as basic as this cake

#43 I’m starting a new job and was handed this cake by the office on my last day


#44 What are you leaving?


#45 Gave this to a colleage of mine


#46 I put my bosses favorite things on his farewell cake


#47 My coworkers in the kitchen gave me this on my last day


#48 So long, goodbye!


#49 What I got on my last day before joining the competition


#50 These girls are fired


#51 The final day in the grooming salon

#52 I think they miss me already, and the cake was absolutely delicious!


#53 A 21st birthday cake from my bestie


#54 We gave this cake to a co-worker who was leaving the site to join the office


#55 I made this cake but it was dropped before it could be delivered. We still ate it though.


#56 They really love me!


#57 When we lost our good friend Felechia to another facility


#58 Another cake for a Felicia on her way out


#59 We were abandoned by two people on the same day


#60 I can really feel the love

#61 Leaving the emergency vet hospital


#62 Girl, bye!


#63 This is some funny s**t


#64 What we gave our technician Ray when he left us

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