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How To Make Fireball Sangria For Your Next Get-Together

This holiday cocktail is perfect for your next party!

Looking for a winter cocktail that’ll warm you up without having to be served steaming hot in a mug? Try out a sangria recipe that uses Fireball whisky.

Delish’s concoction calls for soaking diced green apples and fresh oranges in Fireball whisky. The longer you soak the fruit, the boozier it gets. Then you add apple juice and red wine and let the whole mixture chill for a few hours.

Go Go Go Gourmet has a similar recipe but uses frozen fruit and orange, peach and mango juices. This version might be better for when you want to serve your Fireball sangria pronto. The frozen fruit acts as a substitute for ice and won’t water down the cocktail as it defrosts.

Looking for something to serve at a tailgate? HGTV has a big batch version of Fireball sangria that could also be served warm if needed.

For a bubbly take on the Fireball sangria, Mantitlement created a sparkling version. It uses apple liquor, apple cider, caramel vodka, sparkling cider or champagne, pomegranate, cinnamon sticks and Fireball for a complex sangria. The recipe author claims that if you’re not usually a fan of Fireball, you just might be after this drink.

Looking for fewer ingredients but still an apple-cider-Fireball cocktail? Here’s one from Spoon University that uses pinot grigio and apple cider along with Fireball-soaked apples and pears. The addition of seltzer makes this apple cinnamon sangria a lighter option, too.

If you’re a fan of the cinnamon-infused Canadian whisky but not in the mood for sangria, there are plenty of other Fireball cocktails to try, such as hot Fireball apple cider, which you can keep warm in a slow cooker for easy party serving. Or try the company’s own recipe for a Washington Apple cocktail with apple schnapps and cranberry juice.

And this chai tea with a tipple of Fireball will certainly leave you warmed up for winter.

Which Fireball drink would you try?

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