Girl Receives Surprising Response After Asking A Guy if They Could Just be Friends After the First Date

There isn’t a person in the world who enjoys being rejected, but there are some who are better at handling rejection than others. Then there are people who can’t handle rejection at all. They hate being rejected by someone they don’t have any interest in! This is what happened following a date between a guy and a girl. The guy (a Redditor with the username ToastedCookieOats) received a text message the day after the date. The girl told him that she didn’t feel that he could be a romantic partner and hoped they could be friends instead. ToastedCookieOats let the girl know he felt the same way, and the conversation just escalated into hilarity from there. Oh my….

This is hardly the conversation a guy texting a girl after a date would expect to have… (Well color me crazy…)

What do you think?

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