Fishtail Brows Are A New Beauty Trend. Evidently.

Those who are into makeup and beauty know that eyebrows are pretty important. The way your eyebrows are shaped can change your entire look.

Eyebrow trends come and go, and both super-thin and more natural-looking, full brows have been in vogue. Now, a whole new brow look has debuted on social media-but it’s unclear if anyone is brave enough to try it in real life.

The new look is called fishtail brows, and to get it, the eyebrows are shaped into two distinct sections that are angled in opposite directions, just like a fish’s tailfin. Here’s the look in a picture that’s been digitally maniuplated by popular beauty and fashion Instagram page SkyzEditz:

It certainly is dramatic! She hasn’t tried it out yet, but here’s a doctored image that shows what pop star and makeup mogul Rihanna would look like sporting the trend:

“I was watching ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and noticed Rio Summers had a slit in her eyebrow with a tiny lift and thought that was interesting, so I then went onto Photoshop and played around with Huda [Kattan]’s eyebrows, extending the shape and increasing the gap,” the editor behind SkyzEditz told People magazine. “I then noticed the shape looks similar to a fishtail, but I was debating whether to call it fishtail or horn brows due to the edit I did of [model] Hayley Bui looking more devil-ish then fish-like!”

If you’re wondering exactly how to pull off the unique look-in Photoshop, at least-you’re in luck because there’s a tutorial:

There’s no tutorial for how to pull off fishtail brows in real life, so it’s unclear if anyone is actually trying this new trend on themselves or just editing photos to test it out for social media. But now that it’s out there, someone is bound to give it a shot! What happened to people just having normal shaped eyebrows anyway? All it takes to get them is to visit somewhere similar to this brow shaping denver beauty bar as the professionals there will be able to shape them into a nice outline so that they complement all of your facial features. There will be some people out there that are bound to give this trend a try.

This isn’t the first time that bifurcated brows have been on trend. In 2015, PopSugar noted that people on Instagram were showing off brows with a cut or slit, which is actually a look originally worn by those in the hip-hop community decades before that. Who knew that you could style your eyebrows in so many different ways? You may even say that people are willing to try anything to gain more of a social media presence. Wouldn’t it be easier to look into an instagram growth service if you wanted to establish more followers? But each to their own. Some people just want to stay up-to-date with the current beauty trends that are continuously circulating. As long as there are eyebrows, people will find a way to style them in new and different ways.

What do you think? Are fishtail brows “on fleek,” or are they a little too much for your tastes?

What do you think?

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