Family Releases Butterflies to Cope With Losing Baby Girl

Family Releases Butterflies to Cope With Losing Baby Girl


It was a tragedy no parent wants to go through. A mere two days after being born baby Paige Potter died. Even worse, she died on the birthday of her mother Merelda Fiddler. Paige was born without a windpipe and passed away shortly after birth. She left behind her mother, father, and her big sister Reese. Fiddler wasn’t sure how she could explain to Reese the tragedy that had just occurred.

Fiddler told CBC News that she wasn’t sure how to explain what happened to Reese, who was only four when her baby sister passed. Reese understands that Paige is in heaven. The family also wanted to find a way for Fiddler to celebrate her birthday again as children want to celebrate parties with their parents.

Two years after Paige passed Fiddler decided to give then 6-year old Reese 51 caterpillars. Remember that caterpillars go through a metamorphosis and become butterflies. In a way this cycle is a perfect representation of birth, life, death, and rebirth into the afterlife, which is where Reese believes her sister is.

Flidder explained that she wanted to celebrate life and, as Reese loves butterflies, they were the perfect example.

The family are going to release the butterflies as a tribute to Paige and her memory. Reese will pass wishes and kisses to the butterflies in the hopes they will be able to pass them on to her baby sister for her.

Fiddler has said that this whole process, along with passing kisses and wishes on, has taught Reese that everything that lives will die in a way that she can understand.

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