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Dog Owner Causes Chaos Online By Sharing Her Dog’s “Very Racist” Name

Meanwhile, others were supportive of Marcias’ name choice. “I hope you can find him. I’m Mexican and I understand that his name is no racial intended,” wrote one user, referencing the fact that in Spanish “negro” simply means “black”.

To echo this, another user typed: “Oh but if we named our dog ‘blanco’ y’all wouldn’t make it a big deal.”

Thankfully, Marcias found her dog a few days later. Updating those on Twitter who’d become invested in the story, she wrote: “LOOK WHOS BACK HOME! thank you to everyone that helped and had our backs with these hateful comments. love y’all”

Of course, in Spanish speaking countries, the word “negro” doesn’t possess the same connotations as it does in predominantly English speaking countries, for it just means “black”. If you think how often you reference things by color, you’ll quickly realize that there are very few ways in which Spanish speaking people can avoid using the word “negro”.

What do you think, should Marista be ashamed of the name she gave her dog? Or is everyone being far too sensitive? Let us know in the comments.

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