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Dog Owner Causes Chaos Online By Sharing Her Dog’s “Very Racist” Name

Marcias’ unconventional name for her Staffordshire Bull Terrier may not have come to public attention if it wasn’t for the fact that the pooch unfortunately went missing.

Taking to Twitter in a desperate bid to be reunited with her beloved furry friend, Marcias typed: “Negro is missing. Please if anyone sees him message me!!!”

Immediately after publishing the post, Marcias was inundated with messages from appalled users who were highly critical of her controversial name choice.

“You definitely ain’t gonna find that dog now with a name like that…..” wrote one disgusted user, while another typed: “I understand his name is “black”, but you REALLY should’ve picked a different name. I hope you find him, tho, just don’t run down the street screaming his name. [I don’t] want you to get hurt.”

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