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Dog Owner Causes Chaos Online By Sharing Her Dog’s “Very Racist” Name

You should always think very carefully before you assign anything a name. Be it your child, pet, company of wifi router, a name is important. Chose the right name and it can make all the difference, but select the wrong name and you run the risk of regretting it for the rest of your life.

Take Foo Fighters for example, they may be one of the world’s most successful rock bands, but that hasn’t stopped them from hating their own name. “It’s the dumbest band name ever,” said frontman David Grohl, before going on to say that if he’d ever have thought the band would be successful he’d have named them something else.

Just last year, Maroon 5 publicly apologized for the name of their latest album after they realized that Red Pill Blues – a name inspired by The Matrix – referenced a men’s rights activist group who use the term ‘Red Pill’ to describe the moment they become anti-feminist. In a statement, the band announced that they “are all hardcore feminists” and as a result, regretful of the album name choice.

In addition to this, a Mumsnet study in 2016 found that 18% of the 1,300 moms that they asked regretted the name they’d given their child.

Another person who is no doubt in regret about the name they chose is Rebeca Marcias who came under fire for the rather controversial name that she gave to her dog.

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