Detention Slips That Prove Some Kids are Just Too Hilarious to Care

The struggles of Clark Kent.

Disrupting class by standing, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a Superman T-shirt, and announcing he was Superman.

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Well, that’s a new one.

Leaping w/intent to fly.

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Unidentified Flying Orange Juice

“Flying” his juice bottle like an airplane during review.

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Killed by a paper airplane? That might be a bit dramatic.

I threw a very impressive majestic paper airplane into the recycling bin.

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Just monkeying around…

Wore gorilla suit to class.

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Come at me, Bro!

Taking off shirt in middle of class and yelling “Come at me, bro” at another student.

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Where’s your patriotic spirit?

Student asked to watch the Olympic Ice Hockey game. I said no. He said “You’re a communist, communist, communist.” Inappropriate speech.

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At least the smell diminished.

Unhealthy smell in test. Student’s response: It is natural to fart. Why should I get 10 demerit points for a natural body function?

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Well, that’s just sound logic.

Used the “F” word in the hall multiple times. When I said to him “I should not hear that word,” he told me to plug my ears and walked away.

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That’s one way to bring people together.

Stapling students’ clothes together.

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Yes, they got in trouble, but they get extra credit for creativity.

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