Detention Slips That Prove Some Kids are Just Too Hilarious to Care

He’s just trying to help.

On top of wire cages at oval saying “I’m protecting Gotham City.” Sent to math room and then on top of bin saying same thing.

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What’s a little paper spear in the face amongst friends?

Volunteered to be a target for a paper spear. Was hit in the face w/it.

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So they got in trouble for being right?

Alex consistently defied me. During class he contradicted me numerous times when I insisted that the length of one kilometer was greater than that of one mile.

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Come on! That’s classic “Anchorman.”

Told another student to go back to her house on “whore island.”

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Yeah, this one deserves detention…and probably therapy.

Trying to set fire to the lab.

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What do you think?

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