Detention Slips That Prove Some Kids are Just Too Hilarious to Care

Every child gets in trouble once in a while, usually for something like talking in class or being tardy again. But these 36 kids decided that if you’re going to do it, go big or go home.

Or rather, go big and go to detention.

We’ve all had this reaction.


Proclaiming “Oh hell” out loud upon receiving a returned exam paper.

Via: Buzzfeed

Someone’s not a “Zoolander” fan.

Saying “What is this? A center for ants?” during class.

Via: Reddit

A classic that has yet to be improved upon.

When a student asked another what he was doing after school, AJ responded with “Your mom.”

Via: Picstache

What a monster!

Disturbing other classmates with cat pictures during class.


Literally Bible thumping.

Thumping another student on the head with a Bible and screaming, “Infidel.”

Via: Cha Cha

What do you think?

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