If Dating is Dead it’s Because Millennial Men act Like Children

  1. It’s Not Charming

The only time being a child is charming is when one is actually a child. It doesn’t matter how cute a guy’s accent or hair is. Women are turned on by emotional intelligence and maturity. Just walk away from the next guy that tries to be charming while being irresponsible.


  1. It Reinforces the Stereotype Women are Uptight

Women are considered to be more prudish than men just because we grow up quicker, but women are getting the blame over men being less mature than ever. Most adult women are extremes compared to their male counterparts, and they apparently consider our maturity to be prudishness.


  1. It Sets a Bad Example

Whether you’re interested in having kids or not, a man that acts like a teenager is a horrible influence on both boys and girls. Imagine if you were 12 and only saw guys that acted your age. You’re going to accept this is just how men are. We need to demand more from me or run the risk of infecting the next generation with their laziness.


  1. Guys Use it as an Excuse for Bad Behavior

Being “young at heart” is no excuse for a guy to act like a grade-A a-hole and not face repercussions. Men don’t get a free pass because they are cute and in need. Women shouldn’t have to help men be men. Grow up and hit us up when you’re ready to act like a real grown up. We shouldn’t pretend we’re okay with the extra work we need to put into a relationship with an irresponsible child.

  1. We’ve Got Better Things to Do than Deal with their Juvenile Behavior

IT doesn’t matter how much you want to have a relationship, you should never compromise your happiness to have a boyfriend, especially if they act like a 12-year old. Don’t get discouraged and settle for less than you deserve. This only validates the man-children. The more women there are rejecting these new “men” the more incentive they have to buck up.

What do you think?

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