If Dating is Dead it’s Because Millennial Men act Like Children

It seems like men act younger the older women get. Men are becoming more juvenile and it’s starting to hurt women. Here’s why the age of the man child makes dating difficult.


  1. Older Men Become the Only Alternative

We don’t want to offend the older audience but we don’t want them to be the only choice we have when dating. Dating an older guy can be revelatory. You meet an older man that’s interested in you, is thoughtful, and can take care of himself. At some point though, it’s great to date someone who gets all your references and we don’t think that’s too much to ask.


  1. The Bar has Been Set So Low we Consider Anyone a Catch

When everyone acts like a baby, then this becomes “normal” and lowers our expectations. A guy doesn’t become a catch just because he has financial stability. Everyone deserves social maturity and emotional stability. It’s not attractive to be immature, it’s just lazy. The more immature guys get accepted, the more acceptable they see their behavior.


  1. Immature and Irresponsible Guys get a Pass

We’re going to lose it if someone tells us that their man is youthful or a child at heart. Women get criticised for being late bloomers, but men get admired for this. Since when is it attractive to be an adult that acts like a child? We prefer grown men thanks.


  1. It’s Ridiculous Women are Always Expected to be Responsible

Why should women be responsible for everything? It seems every guy sees us as his mom. We aren’t here to get him up in the morning, do his laundry, and stop him from getting drunk. It’s as if these guys have never left their college dorm.


  1. We Settle for Men who Don’t Deserve Us

There comes a point we want a stable relationship and have no good options, so we lower our standards. This tells guys they don’t need to improve. This is an injustice to women who feel like they deserve better and also to the guys that do get their act together.

What do you think?

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