Dad Turns 6-Month-Old Into Adorable ‘Real-Life’ Leprechaun

toddler st pat

 A Utah dad has taken a delightful approach to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by dressing up his son as a real-life leprechaun.

Alan posted last years St. Patrick’s Day photos on his website, That Dad Blog, and they show Rockwell dressed in a little green suit, green and black top hat, orange beard and green and white tights.

He was photographed in a variety of poses, ranging from spray painting the family dog..

dog st pat

To pouring green paint into the laundry machine..

washer st pat

And even finding a pot of gold.

beach st pat

This wasn’t the first photoshopped photo shoot however for now 6-month-old Rockwell. Back in December, dad, Alan Lawrence dressed his son up as an adorable Elf on the Shelf, and the photos quickly went viral!

Lawrence told Abc News that one of the more difficult parts of the shoot for Rockwell was getting used to that beard.


“He drools a lot because he’s started to teeth, but I think that was the most frustrating thing for him because [the beard would] get in his mouth. At one point he’d get frustrated with that so we had to constantly push it down,” Lawrence explained.

Lawrence said he will be posting new photos of Rockwell as a leprechaun until March 17.

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Images Credit: That Dad Blog
Article Source: lifedaily
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