Complete Strangers who Had a Lot of Questions After Meeting Their Doppelgangers

There are some who believe meeting your doppelganger is a very bad omen that could even mean death as the doppelganger may be an evil twin or some kind of paranormal entity. If you aren’t superstitious though then – much like the people in our list – meeting your doppelganger could be the time of your life.

We’ve put together this list of people who went through the strange phenomenon, and we’re now pretty sure there’s a glitch in the Matrix. Just think about the odds of someone who looks exactly like you shows up completely by chance; especially when you consider that your appearance is genetically handed down by your ancestors.

If you’ve found your doppelganger then we’d love to know the story! Just tell us all about it and upload your picture to our list!

#1 This guysDoppelganger Was Seated Next To Him On A Plane, Then They Accidentally Checked Into The Same Hotel And Went For A Beer


#3 They Ran Into Each Other At A Cousins Wedding. No Relation


#5 When Retired Priest Neil Richardson Moved To Essex He Found People Kept Coming Up To Him To Say “Hello John” – Because His Double Already Lived There

#5 They Ran Into Each Other At A Music Festival (shown pics: original and face swap)


#8 Met At A Random Party


#10 Bumped Into Each Other At Subic Bay

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