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Cheetah And Dog Play Tug-Of-War With Brand-New Goose Toy

Odie is a perfectly normal Australian shepherd in every since of the word. He’s about as rambunctious as they come, and loves to play, run, hop, and jump. But of all the things he loves to do, tug-of-war has always been his absolute favorite dream game of all time. There was only one little problem: he didn’t have another dog to play it with!

Odie was surrounded by humans who loved him and played with him, but sometimes humans are just so slow at running and playing. He had lots of friends at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich, CT, but none of them seemed to know how to properly play keep-away, and they were never fun when it came to racing around at top speeds in the grass!

Then one day, Odie was introduced to the best friend he could ever hope for. At just 7 weeks old, Adaeze the Cheetah was too much of a strain on her mother who couldn’t keep up with her eight newborn cubs. So to help ensure her safety in growing up, they separated her from her mom and introduced her to Odie.

While it might seem weird, dogs make the perfect companion for cheetahs. The calm nature of these dogs keeps the cheetah calm and happy. Adaeze, who can always be found playing with her friend Odie, helps spread awareness on the importance of saving big cats all over the world.

The two animals play constantly and even sleep together every single night. The only time they’re kept separate is when they’re eating, and that’s not because of aggression, but because Adaeze lets Odie eat and eat until he gets sick! When they’re finished eating, they both wait impatiently to go back to playing with each other.

Watch Odie finally get to play with someone who can actually keep up with his high energy! Keep track of Odie and Adaeze at @LEOConservation for amazing updates on how this amazing animal is being kept safe from poachers.


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