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Your Cat Cuddles With You On The Couch, Is This Really What It Means?

Cats are enigmatic little beings that are intelligent, adventurous and – needless to say – adorable. However, as a cat owner, have you ever wondered if your cat actually likes you? An effective way to see if your cat is acting any differently when you aren’t around is to invest in the best cat camera collar you can buy so you can easily compare their behavior. But it’s very easy to find yourself wondering, are some cats only humoring their humans in a ploy to get food? If you want to know if your cat really loves you, look out for these 6 obvious signs.

  1. Drool Equals Love

All cats meow, however, they don’t all drool when they get love from their owners. Your kitty loves you if he drools all over you when you show him some love.

  1. Your Cat Will Cuddle Up With You On The Couch

Have plans on binge-watching a new series? Your cat knows this is the perfect time to cuddle with you and show their love for you. When your cat cuddles with you on the couch, there is no doubt that he loves you.

  1. He Brings You Unexpected “Gifts”

Being the hunters they are, cats also look at humans as hunters. Cats have no understanding of grocery stores. When they see us eating, they think we hunted and killed our food. Therefore, it’s perfectly natural for your cat to bring you a mouse or bird. Try not to freak out; it’s just his contribution to the family meals.

  1. He’s A Constant Distraction

Forget about that project due the next day, your cat will show his love by sitting on the keyboard, or sprawling over your lap even if you have to make important calls. Your cat will show you true love by being your shadow everywhere you go and constantly interrupting your work life.

  1. They Hate When You Leave Home

You are the pack leader, the protector of everyone in the house. When your cat truly loves you, he will not like you leaving for work every morning. Even though he knows you will return home, he might still throw a hissy fit. Keep in mind it is all love, so don’t let it frustrate you. However, if your cat does really struggle with you leaving then he might be suffering from separation anxiety. It might be worth checking cbd oils for cats, which are an effective and safe way to calm your cats’ anxieties.

  1. Your Cat Is Always Happy When You Come Home

Even though kitty was upset when you left, he won’t stay mad for long. He will be happy whenever you come back home. Enjoy the attention and know this is your cat showing you love.

If your cat displays any of the previous 6 behaviors, there is no doubt that he loves you.

It doesn’t stop there, your cat does some other strange things, here’s what it means.

  1. Rubbing Against Furniture & You

When cats rub against you like how they rug up on furniture, he is using his scent to mark you. There is no doubt who’s human you are. This is a good thing and your cat is happy to have you as his owner.

  1. Massaging

Ever see your cat massaging or kneading like a baker? Cats do this in their baby stage to get the mother’s breast to produce milk. This movement helps to keep them calm. Anytime your cat is massaging your body, it shows that he’s comfortable with you. This is good news and means he likes you.

Tabby cat kneading her cushion
  1. Poop Not Covered

Cats are fiercely independent creatures and this includes what they do when they poop. Your cat is mad at you if he is not covering up his poop. Cats have no patience with authority figures, so if you see this behavior, it means you might have questioned their dominance. If this behaviour is common in your cat, then it might be a good idea to have a look at some cat diapers that could get rid of this behaviour permanently.

  1. Twitching Ears

Be prepared when you see this! This means they are anxious and/or agitated and you need to give them their space. Other hostile behavior includes, hissing, running away etc.

  1. Mouths Open Staring Aimlessly

This actually has a scientific name – the “Flehmen response”. The cat does this so he can “smell” via the roof of his mouth. This helps them to figure out scents that are more complicated than the ones they can find with the nose alone. Although your cat appears to be curling his lips, he is actually performing a very complex action!

  1. Mini Meow

If you hear a mini meow, your cat is saying hello to you. There is no mistaking it, even though it might be subtle. These mini meows are usually followed by rubbing as in #7 above. After a long day, this is quite the happy greeting!

  1. Chattering

Didn’t feed him fast enough or give him what he wants? You will get an earful of this weird sound, but this sound is totally normal.

  1. Laying On Stuff

Give me attention. This is what they are looking for when they lie on your things, they want to play. They are also looking for safety and security when you are close by. It is best to have your cat close by when you are in a relaxed mood too as this will relax your cat too!

  1. Falling Asleep On Your Chest

Your cat is seeking security when he does this. Your warm chest is what is so inviting to your cat. They can also listen to and feel your heartbeat. Your cat feels loved and protected in this position, so enjoy it while you can.

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