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9-Year-Old Daughter Finds Amazing Way to Help Mom Avoid Eviction

Natalie Koltes was a young mom facing eviction from her home in Las Vegas. She, like many women in her situation, was struggling to keep the rent paid and make ends meet. Her rent was coming due and Natalie was starting to accept she just couldn’t afford it this time. Her landlord had been empathetic to her situation in the past, but she was out of chances now.

Natalie wasn’t just trying to keep herself housed though, she was also doing it for her 9-year-old daughter Ariel.

Ariel had seen her mom constantly stressing out over the rent. She would find her mom packing their bags and unpacking them, preparing to be evicted from the home they had been living in the for past three years. Ariel was just as worried as her mom about ending up living on the street. What was more worrying was how the eviction would impact their future. With eviction looming over Natalie, she would not pass a tenant credit check that landlords carry out to rent another home. While Natalie was running out of hope, her daughter was plotting and taking things into her own hands. Young Ariel wrote a letter to the FOX5 Surprise Squad and gave it to the mailman without her mom finding out.

FOX5 reporter Stefanie Jay said “Her mind right now is on her mom and how they are gonna make rent. No 9-year-old should ever, ever should have to worry about something like that,”

Take a look at the full story of how Ariel’s brave efforts to help her mom keep her home unfolded, and the amazing things done for the 9-year old and her mom by a group of strangers. Please share this story if you believe that a little bit of kindness can go a long way!

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