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7 Unique Ways to Get Rid of Ants You Haven’t Thought Of

The warm weather is back and with it comes plenty of time outdoors – having barbecues with friends and family, enjoying hours upon hours of sunshine, and… dealing with ant infestations.

Ants know a thing or two about ruining picnics and getting into kitchens. Whilst it is always wise to hire a professional company (like to deal with the issue if it gets out of hand, we’ve got seven unique ways to get rid of ants you haven’t thought of courtesy of Household Hacker. Find out more by watching their video and reading their advice or visiting

  1. Clean your bins

Bins are one of the biggest things which will attract ants into your home. The best thing you can do is to get a large container-like bin, like these home recycling bins for example, which will keep all of the rubbish and smells contained. These bins will also be difficult for ants to get into. Nevertheless, regardless of your type of bin, it is important to regularly clean it so to remove any smells and things which may attract the ants. This should be done already for hygiene reasons, but it is even more so important when the warm weather comes.

  1. Wash Soda Cans

You should give your cans a quick wash before putting them into the recycling bin. This gets rid of any last bit of the sugary soda that attracts ants. Also rinse out any other food containers that will be left out until trash day, such as juice boxes and syrup bottles.

Another good idea is to get your hands on some airtight containers to store open food packages in the pantry.

  1. Build a Moat Around Your Picnic Table

You can build some defences around a picnic table the next time you sit down to keep ants at bay. All you need is four disposable pie tins or another similar container. Place one under each leg of the table and fill it with water. These little “moats” will go a long way to keeping the ants away.

  1. Make Borax Sugar Traps

This is a tip that you should probably avoid if you have pets or kids, because they shouldn’t be exposed to sodium borate. The trick is to mix sugar and borax with water to create a sweet and sticky syrup paste that ants won’t resist. Put the mixture in a Tupperware box and make holes in the sides and top for ants to get in and wait for the borax to do its job.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

Another good tip is to sprinkle some cayenne pepper around the entrances to your house or – if you can find it – directly onto the anthill. Ants are interested in sugar, but you’ll be giving them a repelling spicy treat instead. Household Hackers recommend dousing an anthill with boiling water laced with cayenne pepper to exterminate the ants within.

  1. Vinegar

If you want to destroy an ant’s home, you need to find it first. Ants can’t be killed by vinegar, but it can mess with their sense of smell. Spray some vinegar near the next ant you see and watch where it goes. According to Household Hackers, the ant is most likely to head home and lead you straight there.

  1. Take Out Their Homes

If you’re able to follow the ants home, then your best defense would be to destroy the ant hill. This can be done by running the garden hose on it for 10 minutes, or pouring boiling water on it until all signs of life disappear. If you aren’t sure where their home is or if the issue gets worse then you might want to call an ant exterminator to help you.

  1. Safeguard Your Space

After you get rid of all the ants, the next step is to get rid of any leftover pheromones. You can do this by filling a spray bottle with water mixed with vinegar and a drop of dish soap. Spray the mixture anywhere the ants lived, and spray any entryways they could have used.

Source: 7 Genius Ways to Get Rid of ANTS! by HouseholdHacker on Rumble

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