30+ Marriage Proposals That Should Get a Prize for Being Brilliant

With a book.

Or a trail of books.

In a Cracker Jack box at the big game.

Just like Mario would propose to Peach.

At Disneyland.

The perfect beginning for “happily ever after.”

With a fakeout.

Spelled out with every ticket stub of every movie you went to together.

With a s’more.

With a love letter (and the option to pick out your own ring!)

With a scavenger hunt.

With a hand-picked array of rings. And the option to “pick one.”

With a super simple and sweet message. You can either go the straightforward or the totally geeky route.

With an initial necklace, only the last name isn’t yours….

With a real life Monopoly game. The whole getting down on one knee would happen on the luxury tax.

At the finish line.

Underwater. Thumbs up for yes, thumbs down for no.

With a very, very enthusiastic reaction after you say yes.

What do you think?

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