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Mom and Dad Witness Miracle After One Twin Born Lifeless

Kate and David Ogg were excited to finally start a family. They had some trouble getting pregnant but kept at it. You can imagine how happy they were when not only did Kate finally get pregnant, she was pregnant with twins.

She was to have a baby boy and a girl, which they would name Jamie and Emily.


Unfortunately for the happy couple things got terrifying during the birth before becoming incredible. The twins decided they were ready early and Kate went into labor only six and a half months into her pregnancy. After the twins were born premature in March 2010 the parents were informed that, tragically, Jamie did not survive the birth. If you’ve ever thought that a mother’s touch held no power then read on to question everything you think is true.

The nurses told them the tragic news – that their little baby boy hadn’t survived, but Kate and David would not let go of him. They held on to his lifeless body and held him close, whispering in his ear. It didn’t take long for them to feel something move. Even the doctor was surprised at what happened when he walked in.

Take a look at the video yourself to hear from the mother what happened.

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