21 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In The South

Life is a little slower down South, and it may be because everyone spends all day being as sweet as a peach. But growing up in the lower United States gives you more than just a Southern accent — it also offers an understanding that is unlike any other place in the world.

1. You know more than a couple people who sound EXACTLY like Paula Deen.

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2. And yes, you know you have an accent too, thank you very much.

3. There was a church on almost EVERY street corner in your hometown.

4. College football > literally anything else.

5. You believe butter, bacon, and fried chicken are the real Holy Trinity.

6. And you still dream about the soul food your family used to cook.


7. “Y’all” is the only way you know to address two or more people.

8. You’ve accidentally answered “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir” when talking to your friends.

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9. “Bless your heart” was actually the best way to insult somebody short of cursing.

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10. Summer was so humid that walking felt more like swimming.

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11. And OFF! was basically your perfume from May to September.

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12. You got out of school the second snow started falling from the sky.

Sometimes, even the threat of wintry weather was enough for classes to be cancelled.

13. You knew people who wore camo even if they weren’t going hunting.

14. You learned to drive at a ridiculously young age.

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15. And chances are it was in a pick-up and looked something like this.

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16. Getting stuck behind a tractor on the highway was your own personal hell.

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17. For college, you went either to a small, unheard-of liberal arts school or a massive university with 50,000 other kids.

18. You’ve tried ACTUAL moonshine made by an ACTUAL moonshiner.

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19. “Coke” could refer to literally any soft drink on the menu.

20. Even though you’d really prefer sweet tea.

21. You’re still called “sweet pea,” “darlin’,” and “honey” when you go home – and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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