14-Year-Old Arrested After Pretending To Be A Cop And Pulling People Over

A 14-year-old boy took the game of cops and robbers a bit too seriously. Police say the young teenager wore a sheriffs uniform and drove around his Southern California neighborhood in a white SUV which had blue and red flashing lights installed, questioning residents and pulling over at least one motorist. This is a serious incident, especially because led emergency lights should only be used by emergency vehicles, such as police cars or ambulances, when they are dealing with highly important cases. This 14-year-old pretending to be a police officer is very dangerous, the choices made by this young man will most likely result in serious consequences. However, the actual consequences are yet to be disclosed.

According to Fox News, police were called after the boy pulled into the driveway of an area homeowner claiming to be investigating a domestic disturbance. Jasmine Jones answered the door and told the boy they did not call the police. After he left, she followed him into the driveway. She told Fox 11 she didn’t notice his young age, only that he appeared to be a cop.

“I saw a police officer in dress code, that’s what I saw, and that’s what was really concerning,” she said.

The police impersonator was not done. He turned on his lights at another house, and a 16-year-old came out of the home to speak with him. The boy explained he was investigating a domestic disturbance but quickly left when he was told there was nothing going on.

Before police managed to track him down, the boy pulled over a driver and gave her a warning and let her go.

Eventually, police tracked him down and arrested him. Police searched his home and found “the uniform worn during the incident, as well as a large amount of counterfeit money, simulation firearms, ballistic vests and other law enforcement related items.”

Police said he was on probation when he was taken into custody and is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility.


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