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12 Brutally Honest Notes From Kids That Show They Really do say the Darndest Things

They like to say that children are a blessing, but sometimes this blessing is given in the form of a little package that loves to tell you the truth, no matter how brutal it is. We all know at least one kid like this.

 There are plenty of children out there who haven’t learned to weigh the consequences of what they say before they say it; making them very outspoken. I can’t say that I was one of them, so I get a good laugh out of all the kids I see who aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind.


The following 12 funny notes have been written by these ultra-outspoken children voicing their opinions. I’m sure you’ll laugh at them as much as I did. From children getting flustered by something their parents have said, to making a half-hearted “apology” to their peers, these little notes by little hands are priceless. I can say that, if my kids gave me a note like this, I’d frame it!

1. Sometimes the truth is best delivered by a brutally honest child


2. We have to think that 4:30AM is just a little bit late for a middle school kid


3. The mom of this child must have done something truly horrific; like revoking dessert


4. This little grade schooler has already had the optimism beaten out of him by the school system


5. There are many reasons out there to love your mom, and for some kids the main one is food


6. There must be something wrong for this dad. I think $1 is a steal for a dad!


7. I can only wonder what “Camron” did to get “smacked in the privets”

8. Ashley is brutally honest, but I like her style. She’s realistic about how long her relationship might last.


9. She might be at camp, but you can feel the sass from here!


10. Yeah that sounds like a perfectly valid reason to run away to me.


11. It looks like the idea that the love between a parent and a child is unconditional. This kid certainly has some conditions for their love. I have to wonder though; why only 9% and not 10%?


12. Well this is one way to apologise.

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