11 Parents Took Who Took Justice Into Their Own Hands And Avenged Their Children

The bond between a parent and their child is a sacred, unbreakable force. When someone commits crimes against children, their parents experience indescribable emotions, feeling helpless in the face of horror.But sometimes those parents take action. Maybe the police have failed to catch the suspect. The penalty meted out is too light. Whatever the reason may be,

sometimes a mother or father feels morally obligated to avenge their child. These parents took justice into their own hands. This list tells the heartbreaking stories of real moms and dads who fought back in the name of vengeance. Before you judge them, just imagine what you’d do if you found your child to be featured on a site like without their knowledge.

Hired Goons Finally Brought A Murderous Doctor To Justice

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Even Hollywood would have a hard time scripting the surreal odyssey of André Bamberski. In 1982, the French man’s wife left him for a German doctor named Dieter Krombach, who did everything he could to split up Bamberski’s family and remove him from the picture. The seduction of his wife, it would turn out, would pale in comparison to Kromback’s greatest crime against Bamberski – the rape and murder of his 14-year-old daughter.

Though significant claims would come out about Krombach, cementing his repuation in as a sex offender, German authorities refused to extradite him for the murder of Kalinka Bamberski. For the next 30 years, André Bamberski would make it his life’s mission to see that the demented doctor face justice.

Bamberski, a retired accountant, took several trips to Germany, only to find that Krombach had repeatedly disappeared from society. He finally agreed to hire several men – at a cost of nearly $30,000 – to kidnap Krombach and bring him to France. The hired help got the job done, and like something out of a movie, the battered and disoriented Krombach was dropped off outside of a municipal courthouse in Mulhouse, France, in October 2009. Though it took decades, hired mercenaries, and a kidnapping, Krombach finally faced trial for the murder of Kalinka Bamberski. He was convicted and jailed for 15 years.

A Father Shot His Son’s Molester On Camera

On March 16, 1984, at the Baton Rouge, LA airport, karate coach Jeff Doucet exited his plane. Traveling with him was a sheriff – Doucet had been accused of kidnapping 11-year-old Jody Plauche, one of his students. He had taken the child, a Baton Rouge native, all the way to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, where he repeatedly sodomized his young pupil. FBI officials were able to apprehend Doucet not long into the trip, and he was sent back to Louisiana to face trial.

As Doucet walked through the airport, he was greeted with a flurry of news cameras covering the sensational crime. Laying in wait, also, was Jody’s father, Gary Plauche.

Plauche was huddled at a bank of pay phones with a .38 snub-nosed revolver in his boot. He was on the line with a friend of his, whom he ominously told, “Here he comes, you’re about to hear a shot.” Gary Plauche then reached for this gun, turned around and fired a hollow-point bullet into Doucet’s skull. Afterwards, he simply dropped the gun and hung up the phone. It was all caught on camera.

Even with incredible evidence of a homicide, Gary Plauche received just a seven-year suspended sentence, five years probation, and 300 hours of community service. He never set foot in a jail cell and did most of his community service mowing the lawn at his church.


A Texas Dad Beat His Daughter’s Attacker To Death With His Bare Hands

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In June of 2013, a 23-year-old Texas father (name not released) walked into his horse barn and stumbled upon a horrific sight – the molestation of his five-year-old daughter. The young man had sent the girl and her brother out on their farm to feed the chickens, and his son returned almost immediately, explaining that his sister had been grabbed by someone and brought into the barn.

Following his daughter’s anguished screams, he located her and her assailant, both with their pants down. Flying into a fit of rage, the father began beating 47-year-old ranch hand Jesus Mora Flores. His blows were so severe (purely from his fists -he did not use a weapon) that Flores died at the scene. Under Texas law, the father had committed no crime and was not charged.


A Man Got Brutal Revenge On The Teen Who Raped His Infant

A Man Got Brutal Revenge On Th... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 11 Parents Took Who Justice Into Their Own Hands And Avenged Their ChildrenPhoto: DavidSanchini/flickr/CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0In April of 2014, in the small Indian village of Kotli Ablu, a horrific crime was committed. 17-year-old Parminder Singh, a local teenager, was caught raping a seven-month-old infant. Singh was arrested and faced a hearing for his crime.

During the trial, the father of the infant, Paramjit Singh (no relation), offered a compromise to Parminder, and the two left the courthouse on the back of his motorcycle. On the way, Paramjit drugged Parminder’s Coke and took him to the village of Jhumba, where he tied him to a tree, severely beat him, and severed his hands.

Paramjit was later arrested and charged with attempted murder.

A Father Turned Detective To Catch His Daughter’s Murderer

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In July of 2000, 25-year-old Paola Gallo was kidnapped from her family’s weekend home in Tepoztlan, Mexico. She had been taken by a local gang, who demanded a ransom from her family in order to secure her release. Her father, Eduardo, paid the gang $18,500 in an attempt to meet their demands and save his daughter’s life. It would be in vain, however, as Paola was found dead one week later, shot twice in the neck and back.

Three suspects in Paola’s murder were quickly apprehended, but the gunman remained on the loose. As the case stagnated and police grew ineffective in tracking down the killer, Eduardo decided to take action himself. He shut down his consulting business and took on a role as an amateur detective, determined to find the man who killed his daughter.

After nearly a year of investigating, Gallo eventually led authorities to his daughter’s killer, with detectives largely crediting the grieving father with securing the suspect’s arrest. Gallo’s key discovery was a pay phone that the gunman had used to keep in touch with other gang members while he was hiding on the lam. Authorities set a trap at the location and captured 28-year-old Francisco Zamora Arellano, who shortly thereafter confessed to Paola’s murder.

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