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10+ Hairstyling Tips and Tricks That You’ll Actually Want To Use

6. Get a Fuller Ponyail

Divide you ponytail in half with your fingers and flip your hair back. Hold this section on the top of your head.  Put the clip in your hair.  Tease the top section of your hair, just a bit.  Don’t over do it because you want it to be a natural look and not a big rats nest! 🙂  Spray your hair with a good aerosol hairspray.  I also took a hair dryer and dried the hair sprayed hair to speed up the drying process.  There you have it!  A nice and full looking ponytail that is easy and takes no time at all. This will also last me all day long as I’m teaching and running around.


7. Longer Ponytail

To make your hair seem longer, you don’t need extensions. Just break the hair into two parts and make two ponytails, one on top of the other. They’ll look longer!


8 Tame Flyaways

Just put hairspray on a toothbrush then brush them back!


9. Fresh Bangs

Save time and avoid a greasy look by just washing your bangs instead of your entire head of hair.


10. Braided Hair Headband


Braid your bangs, then tuck them behind your ear, and secure with bobby pins.


11. Twisted Hair Headband

Just like above, only instead of braiding them, twist them and put them behind your ears.

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