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10+ Dads Before and After They Claimed They Didn’t Want the Dogs in Their Lives

#21 My Dad Didn’t Want Me To Get A Dog, But Now He Treats Him Like A Baby. Rubs His Back Till He Falls Asleep

#22 And My Dad Said He Didn’t Like The Dog

#23 My Dad Didn’t Even Want The “Damn Dog”



#25 My Dad Always Said He Didn’t Want A Small Dog. He Just Gave Her A Bath And Loves Life

#26 My Dad Is The One Who Didn’t Want Me To Get Another Dog In The First Place

#27 When Your Dad Tries To Act Like He Doesn’t Like Your Dogs Because He Thinks They Smell, But Then Your Mom Sends You These Pics

#28 When I Moved Home A Year Ago, My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog Because They Were Messy And Would Destroy The House. Now These Two Are Besties

#29 Dad Tries To Say He Doesn’t Like The Dogs… I Come Downstairs To This

#30 After 3 Years Of Saying He Would Never Get Another Dog. Meet My Dad’s Rescue Pup Grace

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